TEA20 / TED20 85mm Bore Major Engine Rebuild Kit


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All parts are available separately by quoting the part numbers.

This kit has standard big end and main bearings included.

Standard main journal would measure 2.4790” to 2.4795”

Standard con rod journal would measure 2.0861” to 2.0866”

Gudgeon bushes always need to be reamed to size to align the bearings and

set the piston height the same between pistons. This needs to be done by a machine shop

If your old ones have no wear they can be re used.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 x S.42275 Piston/Liner/Ring Assembly
  • 1 x S.42085 Top Gasket Set
  • 1 x S.42631 Bottom Gasket Set
  • 4 x S.42420 Conrod Lock tabs
  • 4 x S.42573 Gudgeon Bush,
  • 2 x S.42689 Flywheel Lock plate MF
  • 1 x S.41725 Rear Main Seal
  • 1 x S.42195 Timing Cover Seal
  • 1 x S.42359 Conrod Bearing Kit Std
  • 1 x S.42362 Main Bearing Set Std
  • 1 x S.42365 Thrust Washer Set


TEA20 / TED20 85mm Bore Major Engine Rebuild Kit

ID = water pump on head / few 6 Volt – mainly 12 Volt tractors.

Engine numbers

S100510E to S1170005

SC1E to SC102519E

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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