PTO clutch Repair Kit (Heavy Duty)


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This kit is for the 6 spring PTO clutch
The kit contains:
6x Springs
5x Steel plates (3125147R1)
6x Fibre plates (401716R3)
1x Large piston O Ring
1x Small piston O Ring
3210, 3220, 3230, 395, 4210, 4220, 4230, 4240, 
495, 495XL, 595, 595XL, 685, 685XL, 695, 695XL, 
785, 785XL, 795, 884, 885, 885XL, 895, 895XL, 
995, C
100, C50, C60, C80, C90, 
CX100, CX50, CX60, CX70, CX80, CX90
This is the heavy duty Clutch pack as it has the thicker steel plates 

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