Super H and W4 Premium Carburetor Repair Kit


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Kit Contains:

  • Throttle shaft
  • Throttle plate
  • Choke shaft
  • Choke plate
  • Throttle shaft bushings and packing
  • Metering nozzle
  • Brass plugs
  • Float pin
  • Needle and seat
  • Gaskets
  • Fuel strainer
  • & More
  • Includes parts shown in picture
    • For reassembly purposes only, instruction sheet and diagram may depict parts that are not included in this kit.

Instructions:  IHS3328 Instructions



Super H, Super HV, Super W4 (With carburetor Number 358065R91 or 358554R91)

Please verify carb number before ordering this kit here: carb-farmall



134519, 18377D, 186566, 21632D, 24685D, 24687DA, 24689D, 24693D, 24703DA, 25484D, 25948D, 29302DXA50, 29902DX, 31336D, 32615D, 354453R91, 354453R92, 354453R93, 357000R91, 357002R12, 413-414, 45148D, 45149DA, 46059D, 46184D, 47388DA, 47391D, 47392D, 47395D, 47396DAX40, 47401D, 47402D, 47404DA, 492-11025, 49798D72, 52791R1, 530681R2, 54488DAX, 56645DX, 60947D, 67266DX, 86624941


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