Napier 690 Offset Parts Breakdown

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Description Casting

Part No.

GW050.090 Disc Spacer GWT16 2
GW050.105C Bearing Spacer – Long GWT17 5
GW041.048 Inner Retaining Plate GWT18 6
GW050.106B Bearing Spacer – Short GWT19 3
GW050.107D Bearing Housing GWT20 4
GW50.107A Bearing Housing fitted with bearing & circlips 4
GW050.108B Bearing Retaining Clip Not illustrated
GW921.002 Bearing Not illustrated
GW041.040 Gangbolt* 1281mm long (4 used on 24 plate unit) 1
GW042.040 Gangbolt* 1510mm long (4 used on 28 plate unit) 1
GW044.040 Gangbolt* 1967mm long (2 used on 18 plate unit) 1
GW043.040 Gangbolt* 1735mm long (2 used on 16 plate unit) 1
GW053.068 Gangbolt* 1056mm long (4 used on 20 plate unit) 1

* (All gangbolts supplied standard with 2 hex nuts).


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