MF165 With AD4-203 ENG Radiator Hose Kit


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Kit Includes:

  • 1x B2193 Top Hose
  • 2x B2194 Bottom Hose
  • 1x B2194 Pump to cyl block hose
  • 1x B2192 Bypass Hose


Massey Ferguson:

MF165 (With AD4-203 Engine)


Top Hose:

S.40019, VPE4008, 30/153-7, 898064M1, 194738M1

Bottom Hose:

S.40028, 30/154-7, VPE4009, 898065R1, 826757M91, 37D871

Pump to Cyl Block Hose:

S.40084, 0201562, 7311174M1, 731174M1, 747941M91, U5MH0018, VPE4006 , 30/142-2

Bypass hose:

S.43133, 3637426M91, 4223777M91, 020080, 20080

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Weight 2.5 kg


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