MF135, 148 Radiator Hose Kit With Clamps


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Kit Includes:

  • 1x B2188 Top hose
  • 1x B5095 Bottom hose
  • 1x B2186 Pump to cyl block hose
  • 1x B2187 Bottom hose
  • 8x Hose clamps


Massey Ferguson:
135, 148

MF135 (With straight front axle)


Top Hose:

S.40022, CTJ3105, 1869514M1, VPE4019, 30/153-11

Bottom hose:

S.40026, VPE4007, 30/154-4, ATJ3178, 1860374M2, 186968M1, 414136M1

Pump to Cyl Block Hose:

S.40083, VPE4044, 24/142-28, 000E5CJ9, 81716746, 81716946, E5CJ9, AJR4174, 34821422, 732443M1, 747939M91, U5MH0001

Bottom hose:

S.40082, 81716947, E15CJ9, ATJ4182, 0202016, 731256M1, 747936M41, 747936M91, U5MH0006, 0202016, U5MH0006

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