John Deere 6000 Series Belt Idler / Tensioner Pulley


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This pulley is used on the Hydraulic belt tensioner and also used

as an upper belt idler pulley.

The hydraulic tensioner was used up to and including tractor serial number 159438.

The hydraulic tensioner looks like a small motor bike shock absorber with the spring in clearly visible.

Pulley has an OD of 70mm, 10mm bolt hole and is 32mm wide.

Pulley Suits:

John Deere:

6100, 6100SE, 6200, 6200L, 6200SE, 6300, 6300L, 6200SE

6300, 6300L, 6300SE, 6400, 6400L, 6400SE, 6500, 6500L,

6506, 6600, 6800, 6900.


John Deere No AL77334.

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