IHC Economy Carby Kit


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Kit Includes:

  • Needle and seat
  • Float lever pin
  • Choke and throttle shaft seal
  • Needle valve
  • Gaskets
  • Instructions

Includes parts shown in picture above.

  • For reassembly purposes only, instruction sheet may depict parts that are not included in this kit.

Please verify carb number before ordering this kit here: Carb-Farmall If your number is not listed, this kit is not the correct kit for your application.



I9, M, MTA, Super H, Super M, Super W9, T9, W9, WR9S, 300, 350, 400, 450, 460, 544, 560, 600, 606, 650, 656, 660, 706, 756, 766, 806, 826, 856, 2544

Carburetor Numbers:

352063R91, 356948R91, 356948R92, 356948R93, 357231R91, 357231R92, 357231R93, 358065R91, 358065R92, 358065R93, 358544R92, 358544R93, 358554R91, 361525R92, 361525R93, 362173R92, 362173R93, 362957R91, 362957R92, 363741R93, 363741R94, 366066R91, 367258R92, 367259R92, 372723R92, 378196R93, 378196R94, 379813R93, 379813R95, 380956R91, 380956R95, 380956R96, 381419R91, 381419R92, 381420R91, 381984R93, 381984R95, 386424R96, 387182R92, 388296R92, 388297R93, 388297R94, 388424R96, 388425R96, 396197R91, 396197R92, 396197R93, 396198R91, 397224R91, 397224R93, 406803R91, 406804R91, 47387DC, 47387DD, 50983DC, 50983DD, 52814D, 52814DA, 52815D, 52815DA, 533622R91, 534932R91, 534933R91, 539575R91, 60329DA, 61798D, 61798DA

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