H4 Magneto Coil Cover


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Our cover is made from Bakelite allowing for a superior finish that is both smooth and gloss black. Bakelite will not fade as quickly as other plastics when exposed to UV Light. Furthermore our high tension contact is made with brass not aluminum. Lastly our cap features the IHC logo.

Fits: H4 IHC Magnetos, also can be used on stationary engines with H1 magnetos.



A I4, AV, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, B, BN, C, Super C, H, HV, Super H, Super HV, I9, ID9 (Some)

M, MD, Super M, Super MD, MDV, Super MDV-TA, MTA, Super MTA, Super MTA, MV, Super MV, Super MVTA (Some)

O4, O6, ODS6, OS4, OS6,T5, T6, TD6, Super W4, W4, Super W6, Super W6TA, W6, W6TA (Some)

Super W9, W9, Super WD6, WD6, Super WD9, Super WDR9, WD9, WDR9, WR9, WR9S, 100, 130, 200, 230, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650 (Some)

W6TA, Super MDV (Diesel) (Some)

W400, W450 (Wheatland) (Some)

T6, I4, I6, ID6, T4, T9, TD18, TD9, U2A, U4, U6 (Industrial) (Some)



47449DAX, 47449DAY

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