Ferguson TEA20 Fuel Tap and Sediment Bowl with Reserve Function




This tap is the same as original and has the reserve function

To run the tractor normally you only open the tap 2 full turns

This draws fuel from the pipe in the center of the tap which is around 1” from the bottom of the tank.  (nice clean fuel supply)

If you run out of fuel you can open the tap fully then draw your fuel from the gauze screen which is lower in the tank and draws its fuel from the bottom of the tank.

Still screened but if there is water or sediment in the tank it will be caught in the fuel tap sediment bowl.

Both normal and reserve go through the water trap, sediment bowl and final filter within the sediment bowl before continuing on to the carburettor


Massey Ferguson:

35 (Gas / Petrol)

202, 204, 35X, 40, 50,


TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30, TO35


B1847, 236986, 193995M91, 193995V92,

193995M92, 632948M92, 180141M91, 180141V91

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