Clutch Plate 10 spline 14 inch with Organic linings


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Chamberlain Organic Clutch Plate

Clutch Disc Diameter                    350mm (14”)

Clutch Disc Spline Count                10

Clutch Disc Spline Diameter         44mm  (1 ¾”)

Hub Type                                          Rigid

Carrier Type                                    Solid

Facing Material                              Organic


Champion 9G (with Potted Flywheel ONLY)

Industrial MKII

Champion 236


Champion 306

Countryman 306

Countryman 6

Countryman 354

C670, C6100, 3380, 4080, 4280

4480 (up to no. 2844)


CHAM31558, CHAM55858

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