Farmall H, W4 etc. Carburetor Gasket Kit


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International / Farmall :

Super H, Super HV, M, Super MTA, MV, Super MV, Super MVTA, O6, OS4, OS6, T6, Super W4, Super W6, Super W6, AW6, Super W9, W9, WR9S, 300, 350, 400, W400&W450(Wheatland), 450, 460, 544, 560, 600, 606, 650, 656, 706, 756, 806, 826, 856

Suits These Carburetors: 

Please verify carb number before ordering this kit here: carb-farmall

352063R91, 356948R92, 357231R92, 358065R91 ,358554R91, 361525R92, 362173R92, 362957R91, 363741R93, 367258R92, 367259R91, 367259R92, 372723R92, 378196R94, 379813R95, 380956R96, 381984R95, 386424R96, 387182R92, 388296R92, 388424R96, 388425R96, 396197R93, 396198R91, 406803R91, 406804R91, 47387DA,  47387DB, 47387DC, 50983DA, 50983DB, 50983DC, 52814D, 52815D, 533622R91, 534932R91, 534933R9, 539575R91, 60329DA



18377D, 25948D, 31336D, 32615D, 387454R92 ,47388DA ,47401D

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