Air Cleaner Hose Kit Ferguson TEA20 TED20 Petrol Tractors


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Kit Includes:

  • 1 x B5093 Breather pipe to air cleaner hose
  • 1 x B748 Air cleaner to carb intake pipe hose
  • 1 x B1827 Carb to intake pipe hose (stepped hose)
  • 1 x B5083 Air cleaner to dash hose



TEA20, TED20


Breather Pipe To Air Cleaner Hose:

163-353, 825007M1, S42554, S.42554, VPE4001

Air Cleaner To Carb Intake Hose:

1326, 163-351, 4578404, 826886M1, S42736, S.42736, S64146, S.64146, VPE4047

Carb To Intake Pipe Hose (Stepped Hose):

1575, 163-352, 825004M1, S42417, S.42417, VPE4001

Air Cleaner to Dash Hose:

163-350, 7330, S42566, S.42566, VPE4046

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